Magic Carpet

Smell & Bogey and the Magic Carpet
Anything can happen in the world of Smell & Bogey. A land full of snot, dribble and weirdo creatures. The best friends live deep in the Magic Carpet in a little green Monopoly house tucked away where nothing much happens, until now that is. Whatever lands on the Magic Carpet tends to spring into life and often results in a crazy adventure for Smell and Bogey.

After a fairly quiet day, once Bogey had stopped snotting everywhere and the chocolate chip cookies had all disappeared without a trace… A knock at the front door takes the chums on a wild adventure deep through the darkest parts of the Magic Carpet. But be warned! Could this be the end for their friendship? What hideous creatures lurk in the pit and who is trying to destroy their home? Find out in their first adventure…
Available now from WH Smith, Rugby or online at Amazonamazon1

5 thoughts on “Magic Carpet

  1. I loved reading this book. I really must get on and read the second book before the others come out so I’m up-to-date with the story. The very idea of Smell and Bogey and their friendship is great.

  2. Molly Leason from Binley Woods Primary Schcool says:

    Great book loved it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the story look i am riting a story about fruit

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