Missing Slippers

Smell & Bogey and the Missing Slippers
The dust had settled and everything was back in its rightful place, the Magic Carpet was peaceful again. Life had got back to its normal humdrum of routines and day-to-day chores; which bored the hover-pants off Smell but delighted Bogey. Order, calm and tranquillity, just the way Bogey liked it… Not the perfect setting for an exciting adventure I hear you cry, BUT WAIT! Something strange was a foot, and it’s feet where this story begins, Bogey’s feet to be precise and the story of the annual carpet slipper race. 
Bogey is determined to be crowned carpet slipper champion but someone or something has other ideas. Who is stealing slippers in the dead of night? Where are people disappearing too? And can Smell’s newfound powers save Fluff from certain doom? Bogey’s questions will only be answered if he dares to follow those slippers! Smell & Bogey’s second adventure OUT NOW!
Available now from WH Smith, Rugby or online at Amazonamazon1

13 thoughts on “Missing Slippers

  1. All these pictures and photos are great. I can’t wait to see the next batch of photos and pictures to go up.

  2. all the pictures by all of you are awesome especially mr.crumb.
    Well done to everyone!

  3. Mr and Mrs crisp… I want them to look like doritos and their hair is made from hot salsa sauce but the crisp is dark orange

  4. Please can Mrs pea have fluorescent yellow hair and wears a tight silky dress and wears black wedges on her stubby little feet but she always wears to much blue eyeshadow and red blusher and mr pea wears a red Liverpool football kit because he is best known for being called the blondes boy because he is married to mrs samanther pea but he is also known as mr Oliver pea.

    1. name: ‘TeddyBear’
      friend: ‘Fluff’s best friend

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