Giant Hairy Blob

Smell & Bogey And The Giant Hairy Blob
By day Crumb and Bogey were the best of friends, enjoying a peaceful and retiring life in Itchy Cratchet – A tranquil seaside town, where people weeded their gardens and knitted jumpers. A place so dull and dreary that even the paint on the walls dried extra slowly to give people something to do… BUT! By night something happened to Crumb and Bogey that would completely transform this sleepy, drowsy dwelling. Muggers feared them, robbers jeered at them and dear old grannies cheered at them!
Is it a Seagull? Is it a rocket? No! It’s… Bogeyman & Crumbly-boy…

3 thoughts on “Giant Hairy Blob

  1. Hi Freya, thank you for your message. Unfortunately the third book is on hold at the moment. We will put any updates for you on the website, so please pop back from time to time. S&B Team.

  2. Finished. I loved the first two books. All I want now is the third book. I can’t wait to get it.

  3. I can’t wait to get this book. I’ve nearly finished the last book.

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