About The Author

About The Author
Jason Moss was born in a little village called Binley Woods. As a child he loved the imagination of Roald Dahl, the grubby world of Fungus the Bogeyman, the charm of Willow The Wisp and the magic of Rupert Bear. In 2006 he heard about a new children’s cartoon character called Sponge Bob Square Pants. Jason couldn’t believe something so weird and bizarre had become so popular with children. For years he’d been inventing wacky characters just like Sponge Bob to amuse his friends, telling spooky stories, organising ghost hunts and treasure hunting was a regular past time. The morning after watching Sponge Bob Jason awoke with a revelation… All the characters and story ideas for Smell & Bogey and the Magic Carpet just popped into his head. He quickly scribbled some notes, bought a computer and started to type. Thirty thousands words and five years later, his first children’s story book was complete.
Jason’s younger brother Steven Hier is the inventive mind behind the wonderfully wacky and silly illustrations you see in the book. His vivid and playful childlike style has produced an array of imaginative and original characters, helping the reader to enter the bizarre world of Smell & Bogey and friends. As a child Steven was inspired by Walt Disney animation, the Beano, Dandy and Bananaman comic books. After school Steven went onto college to study Art & Design and specialised in Fine Art.


3 thoughts on “About The Author

    1. Hi jason. Such wonderful books an absolute joy to read and i am 37. U have a gift for storytelling. When is the next instalment. Cant wait. Emily in rugby

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